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About Me


Rudebwoy Photos is created by me, David A. Thomas, and is a collection of my photographic work. I’ve been playing with photography since i was a teenager....man that's a long time :) When the digital revolution started, I got immediately hooked. Got my first digital camera in 2001, then graduated to a Nikon D70 in 2005. I’ve just gotten the D700 (December 2009) and loving shooting with it!!!! Action shots are my favorite, but I am really enjoying night photography, and Portraits...its said I'm good with people. Being from the Caribbean (Br. Virgin Islands) my country is my canvas.

I am a professional, and my goal is to shoot the best picture possible so not to have to do any post processing. But when I do post process, I’ve taken a liking to Lightroom2(now LR3!) and Photoshop CS3(now CS5). I am grateful to all of the people that I have met and received tips from over the years, and as a student of the game I am continually learning!!

Thanks for looking and I do hope that you come back again, and again, and again!!